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Honey, sit yourself down and get ready for some of my wisdom. I hope you’re thrirsty for this T!

Recently I came in contact with a 10 year-old little girl, who was born with Down’s Syndrome. To safeguard her privacy let’s call her, June. June lives in South Central with her mom and two brothers. I came to know June through a friend that needed help. As y’all know when I come across someone who needs help, I try to do what I can. Especially for my family and friends. Those I consider friends are my adopted family, the family I chose, for them I would move mountains if I could. I would and have given my last dollar to help someone else. I believe if someone needs something like food or necessities they should not go without, and if I have the cash to spare I rather use it on someone who is need…

I met Jun’s family by dropping something off for my friend, and was moved to learn her story. She is in public school and is having trouble due to her disability. At home she has trouble cause the homework is in English and her mom only speaks Spanish. I have gone back several times to help June with her homework, an d wish the public school system would do more. The girl also has trouble speaking and took me awhile to understand her way of communicating which is mostly moans. She understands English and Spanish if you talk to her, but is having trouble ready and writing…

It is so sad that we are failing our children, especially those that really need the extra attention. My words of wisdom here is to treat children as they are our future, cause they are… They will adopt this messed up world, and when we are old they will be looking after us. If we don’t dedicate the right time and attention to these kids, what kinda message are we sending? 

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