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My Family

No-Image-iconPaternal Grandfather

Apolonio “Polo” Rivera Muñoz, Sr.

Born: 26 Nov 1934 in Kingsville, Texas

Passed: 19 Aug 2006 in Kingsville, Texas



No-Image-iconPaternal Grandmother

Esperanza Espino Muñoz

Born: 17 December 1939 in San Diego, TX

Passed: 20 February 2013 in Kingsville, TX




No-Image-iconMaternal Grandfather

Jose Estrada

Born: Unknown

Passed: Unknown



No-Image-iconMaternal Grandmother

Maria Del Rosario Olvera

Born: 3 Jul 1942 in Kingsville, Texas





Apolonio “Jr” Espino Muñoz, Jr.

Born: 14 Apr 1961 in Fillmore, California

Passed: Aug 2001 in Houston, Texas

Alumni: H.M. King High School



Gloria Lamar Estrada Muñoz

Born: 1 Aug 1963 in Houston,  Texas, USA

Alumni: H.M. King High School, 1982



Apple LALP 1Me (Oldest Sibling)

Apolonio Estrada Muñoz, III

Born: 21 June 1983 in Kingsville, TX

Alumni: H.M. King High School, 2001



alex1st Younger Brother

Alex Edward Muñoz

Born: 31 Dec 1986 in Kingsville, Texas




aprilYounger Sister

April Evonne Muñoz

Born: 23 Apr 1989 in Kingsville, Texas




anthonyYoungest Brother

Anthony Eric Muñoz

Born: 25 Nov 1991 in Kingsville, Texas

Alumni: H.M. King High School, 2012; Texas A&M University – Kingsville, 2016


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