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So much to do…

I am sitting here taking a breather from packing. Tomorrow morning I have to be at the Airport (LAX) bright and early. I am boarding a plane to head to Denver for the AVER National Convention. The stressing part is I am taking Mariposa along with me, and she is used to having her own large duffle bag on wheels when we go from one side of LA County to the other, however for this trip I have to pack all of her stuff  for one maybe two nights out and my clothes for the next 4 days into one suitcase. Damn, the airlines and their baggage restrictions. But, I shall overcome this obstacle. I only wish that bitch would figure out what she is going to wear. She has some many different habits (clothes) to choose from. We were able to downsize her make-up/jewelry cases to a small travel size make-up bag. No matter what she choose to wear, she is excited to be gracing the Convention with her presence and give the City of Denver a very special blessing. So look out Denver, Sister Mariposa Patriota, The All-American Charity Whore and I are coming for ya….

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