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Dear Santa

I have been a fairly good boi this past year… I only want one thing for Christmas this year, I wanna find a new man to call my own. You don’t have to gift wrap him in a big red bow and place him under the tree. Just wanna have him in time to spend Christmas with.

I have been looking for the right man for the longest, and the good ones seem to be scarce in LA. The variety of man I like, doesn’t have to be a perfect specimen. I like all races, sizes, breeds and so on… All I ask for is a man that is grown with a good head on his shoulders.  He must be open minded, and not afraid to show his affection nor receive it. I got lots of love to give, and love to kiss, hug and cuddle with the right man. I know you are a busy man this time of year, so if you can find the time to fulfill this small request it will be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,
Apolonio E. Muñoz III

PS, I will be sure to leave some most brownies and milk for Tessa this year.

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